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Reversing Cameras

Reversing Cameras

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Ranger 240 Slim Camera

Ranger 240 Slim Camera

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Enlarge Image Ranger 240 - 5Ranger 240 - 5Ranger 240 - 5 Ranger 240 - 5" Monitor / Dual Slimline Camera System This professional Rear View System features a high resolution TFT LCD panel, efficient slim housing design keeps the monitor as small as possible. Features built in speaker, built in sun visor; pedestal mount and remote control.This twin camera is designed for long vehicles and combines a 120 degree camera for reversing and a 45 degree angle camera to provide a longer distance view when driving normally.Both cameras are 1/3" Sony CCD cameras and feature LED's for additional night time illumination. Camera is waterproof and features slimline connectors for easy cable routing. read more...
Reversing Cameras
Unless you have been towing a caravan for many years or have experience driving large vehicles, you may find that reversing into a space with a caravan can be difficult to judge. Many people have had accidents while trying to reverse their caravan or motorhome, often causing thousands of pounds of damage in the process. For that reason, reversing cameras are becoming very popular for those with a recreational vehicle.

Here at Brownhills, we have a choice of reversing cameras, designed to make it easier for those who want to reverse their caravan into a specific space. Reversing cameras will ensure that you have a full view of what is behind you, making it easier for you to park. Our selection includes clip-on cameras, reversing camera kits, single cameras, and dual cameras.

Since you do not have the benefit of a rear view mirror with a caravan, a reversing camera can make all the difference between perfect parking and a nasty accident that could set you back thousands of pounds.
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