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Moisture absorbers

Moisture absorbers

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2.5Kg kontrol krystal

2.5Kg kontrol krystal

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Helps against mouldy smell, mildew, rust, fogged windows, condensation and odours occurring. Product Details •Genuine Kontrol Krystals •Fragrance-Free •Suitable to refill the Streamline Moisture Trap •New robust resealable bag •Weight: 2.5kg read more...
Moisture absorbers

One of the largest problems motorhome/ caravan owners face is damp in their vehicle. Damp interiors  can lead to mould, which can be damaging to the mobile home as well as to the health of those using it. It is important to trap moisture before it can do any lasting damage, which is why Brownhills stocks a range of moisture absorbers for use during your next  trip. They are also excellent for when your motorhome/ caravan is parked up and out of action.

Our selection of moisture absorbers includes disposable mini moisture traps with a choice of scents. These traps last for around six to eight weeks and are ideal for use in bathrooms. Moisture traps will prevent condensation build-up, eliminating musty odours at the same time.

For a more permanent solution to moisture, a rechargeable mini dehumidifier is a wise choice. This affordable machine will remove moisture from the air and is ideal for use in areas where condensation is a problem.

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