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Kampa Products

Kampa Cooksets & folding cookware Kampa Cooksets & folding cookware

No camping trip or motorhome adventure is complete without having the proper cooking equipment to take with you. Well, you will have no trouble whipping up your favourite meals on the go, thanks to our great selection of Kampa cooksets. From a hearty bowl of porridge to set you up for the day to a warming casserole that'll keep you cosy at night, we have an excellent range of Kampa cooksets available to choose from.

Whether you're cooking as a couple or preparing a family meal, our Kampa saucepans come in a variety of sizes to suit your needs, from a handy 1-litre size to a roomy 3 litres. They're all collapsible too, for effortless storage. And, thanks to our Croque toasted sandwich makers, you'll never have to worry about missing out on your morning toast either. 

At Brownhills, you can also find a range of other Kampa cooking equipment from Kampa electric and gas kettles to Kampa collapsible housewares and storage. If you’re looking for high-quality products at a great price, then look no further than Kampa for all your cooking needs.

Kampa Lighting Kampa Lighting

If you’re looking for reliable camping equipment, then there are plenty of Kampa products for you to choose from. At Brownhills, we stock a number of Kampa’s innovative lighting products, which could be the perfect replacements or upgrades to use in your motorhome or on your camping trips. All of their products use LEDs, which are acclaimed for their energy efficiency, a quality that has been dutifully replicated across Kampa’s entire range. 

The standard LED lights produced by Kampa contain anywhere between 6 and 15 bulbs, and these options give you the power to choose which best matches your unique lighting needs. The surface mount spotlights from Kampa are both compact and super bright making them ideal to use in caravans and motorhomes. You will never be left in the dark when you choose Kampa lighting to light the way. As well as Kampa lighting, we also have a range of other camping lights available to buy here at Brownhills.

Kampa Cooling Kampa Cooling

No ice cubes? No worries. Our Kampa cooling selection will help make motorhome mealtimes more chilled. Whether you need to keep those burgers nice and cold for an outdoor barbecue or you want to ensure that your favourite tipple stays on ice for your evening meal, our Kampa cooling solutions are just what you need. Whether you’re going camping or on a road trip away in your motorhome, there are many great Kampa camping products that can help you on your travels. 

Kampa ice packs are handy packs that are designed for use in your passive cooler, and because they use non-flowing fluid, there's no need to worry about filling them up. They come in different sizes too, so you'll be able to find the perfect one for your passive cooler or your cool bag when you need a refreshing drink on the go. If you need to create a proper dining set up away from home, Kampa also has some useful Kampa tableware products for you to serve up the food and drinks that you have been keeping cold.

Kampa Toilet Fluid's Kampa Toilet Fluid's

When you’re away from home, sometimes there is still some cleaning that needs doing. With our selection of Kampa cleaning products, you can make caravans and motorhomes looking sparkling new. Kampa toilet fluids can help keep your toilet fresh for longer. From simple bowl cleaners that can eliminate even the most stubborn of stains and marks to fluids designed to leave a much better smell in your bathroom, there is a wide range of PH-balanced products to choose from.

Our products come in a number of different sizes, scents and colours (pink, green, and blue), which means that if a 5L bottle is too big for you to store in the workplace, you can choose a 1L pouch or bottle instead. For phosphate-free, formaldehyde-free and biodegradable cleaning fluids that are suitable for portable toilet waste cassettes, take a look at the range of products on offer today.

If you’re searching for more cleaning products for your motorhome or campervan, then look no further than our range here at Brownhills. From caravan toilet fluid to motorhome cleaning products, you can find all the products you need on our website. 

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