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Cooling and Refridgeration

Cooling and Refridgeration

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Ice pack 200ml

Ice pack 200ml

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200 ml : 110 x 15 x 165 mm

Cooling and Refridgeration
Having access to cool drinks and food while on a camping trip or a day trip to the beach can often be a godsend. When the sun is shining, there is nothing worse than a what was a cold drink becoming warm. Brownhills has a range of cooling and refrigeration options in a variety of sizes, which will allow you to keep both food and drink at the temperature you want.

Our electric coolers let you maintain a constant temperature while on a camping trip, and we have mains adapters that can be plugged into the cigarette lighter socket in your car.

Keeping drinks and food cool is great during the summer, but what about during the winter when the weather is colder? Our electric cool boxes can be used to not only cool items but also to keep them warm if you prefer. This allows for greater flexibility when away from home, and with our top-quality products and affordable prices, you will find everything you need right here on our website.
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